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On March 5, 2020,

I gave a public presentation

about my research and artistic process

in producing my graphic narrative manuscripts about Tye Leung Schulze

and Tien Fu Wu, Chinese American

translators for justice.

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Comment from Dr. Jeanne Grant, Professor of History at Metropolitan State University:


"It was a highly successful event, thanks to your fabulous and stimulating presentations...I’m so glad to hear how
people approached you and that future events will happen. And last night was well worth suited for the
classes. HIST 490 finished our class in our regular classroom afterward – we had about an hour, and
students kept referring to ideas from the event. It was especially gratifying for me to hear students
observe, “yeah, newspaper articles AREN’T reliable; you DO have to think critically about primary
sources.” I know students really benefited.


Also, on a side note, I loved that you portrayed yourself at your drawing desk in your socks. Keeping it
real. And producing a new primary source – I believe you said Tien Wu never wore anything but
dresses, never pants. Well, there you are, documenting clothing for our time and work practices."